Researcher Award

2018/2019 APAC Young Researcher Award Recipient – Minah Lee

Research Interests

  • Exploring functional organic materials for rechargeable batteries
  • Understanding multi-electron redox mechanisms of active compounds
  • Developing engineering strategies of organic materials in batteries to improve redox stability and kinetics

Research Achievements

Minah has published 26 papers, including 11 first-authored papers in Nature Energy, Nature Communications, Advanced Materials, Angewandte Chemie, ACS Nano, JACS, Joule, ChemSusChem and Green Chemistry. She holds eight granted patents and is a recipient of the MRS Postdoctoral Award, ECS Korea Section Student Award, KAIST Best Doctoral Thesis Award and a Gold Medal in Samsung Human Tech Thesis Prize.

Summary of Research Work

Minah’s research focuses on how to design and better utilize redox chemistry of sustainable materials to present efficient, reliable and sustainable energy storage technologies. Her main scientific contributions include discovering new bioinspired redox centers for rechargeable batteries and developing various engineering strategies of organic compounds through multi-scale optimization to improve energy storage performances. Minah’s work is of significance in providing botanic alternatives to battery technologies for a sustainable future.

Publication Credits

Published 27 papers to date. Obtained over 1,200 total citations with a Hirsch index of 17

Conference Speakerships

  • “Controlled nanoscale morphology of sodium rhodizonate ionic crystal realizing reversible four-sodium ion storage”, MRS Fall Meeting, Boston, USA 2018 Nov. 30
  • “High energy and sustainable sodium­organic battery using sodium rhodizonate”, Gordon Research Seminar on Batteries, Ventura, United States 2018 Feb. 25
  • “Rational design of high performance organic batteries.”, 4th International Conference on Advanced Electromaterials, Jeju, Korea 2017 Nov. 22 (Invited speaker)
  • “Sustainable energy storage in flavins inspired by cellular energy metabolism for Li rechargeable battery.” MRS Fall Meeting, Boston, USA 2013 Dec. 4

Awards and Accolades

  • MRS Postdoctoral Award, 2018
  • ECS Korea Section Student Award, 2015
  • KAIST Best Doctoral Thesis Award, 2015
  • Gold Medal, Samsung Human Tech Thesis Prize, 2011