Researcher Award

2018 | Materials Science

Application for the Wiley Young Researcher Award

Thank you for your interest in applying for the Wiley Young Researcher Award. The evaluations of each application will depend on the information provided in the application. Therefore, it is important that your application be as complete, current, and accurate as possible. Applications that are missing any of the requested information or do not follow the stipulated guidelines and criteria will not be considered.

Application Period: 15 September 2018 – 30 October 2018

Prepare the following documents for your application.

  1. A summary (100 words or less) describing the significance of your research work, its relevance and its impact on society.

  2. Letters of Support from two well-established scientists or individuals of prominence in education, industry, or government who are familiar with the applicant's contributions. Each letter must not exceed 800 words and must be on official letterhead bearing your supporter's signature in PDF format.

  3. Applicant’s Curriculum Vitae (1,000 words or less)

  4. Supporting documents for your application including but not limited to:
    1. citations,
    2. press coverage,
    3. research papers
      1. You may submit up to a maximum of 5 key papers that is relevant to the body of research that will be judged on quality and impact.

      2. At least one of these 5 papers must have been accepted for publication by Wiley. The Wiley-published paper must be a key paper and integral to the research.

      3. Please provide a summary of not more than 800 words (in .pdf format) describing the content and impact of your research with reference to the 5 papers submitted in your application. Your summary must reference the papers you have chosen to submit and detail the relevance of the paper(s) to the impact of your research.

      4. Applications must include the full paper(s) as .pdf attachment(s).

  5. Evidence of your research bearing impact – examples include patents, official documents / public mentions that demonstrate acceleration of policies impacted etc.

Acceptable file types: .pdf. All files should not exceed 40MB. Only links to video and audio files are accepted, please do not include entire video/audio files in your application.

You will be able to make changes to your application after submission.

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